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How to Select and Apply Concealer

Makeup Artist Secrets on How to Select and Apply Concealer

Tips on How to Select and Apply Concealer

What is concealer? The Makeup Artists Favorite Product

Makeup artists are always asked "What is your favorite cosmetic product?" By far, it's concealer. The reason is very simple. It makes the biggest difference in a woman's appearance. Instantly, concealer can add 10 hours of sleep to ones appearance.

How does concealer work?

The grayish hue that dominates the lower eye area casts a shadow across the eye. After applying concealer that area is erased therefore brightening the eye.

How to select a concealer?

When shopping for a concealer make sure to purchase one that is only 1 shade lighter than your foundation.

What are the types and brands of the best concealers?

There are several types, brands and costs of concealer. You can spend anywhere from $5 dollars to $45 dollars on a concealer. The most popular concealers have texture in common. These concealers are all very creamy.

This makeup artist favorite are:
  • Bobbi Brown concealer because in addition to the creamy texture, the colors are closer to natural skin tone. So, instead of creating raccoon eyes, you are just brightening the eye. The Bobbi Brown corrector helps combat that blue color because it's closer to orange which knocks out the blue.
  • Another favorite is Philosophy concealer. The Philosophy concealer is unique in that it has 3 colors in one so you can custom blend. Also, one of the colors is really warm so it acts like a corrector as well.

How to apply concealer?

Which leads me to my next point-application. When applying concealer:
  1. apply your foundation then tip your head down and look in the mirror. This really helps see exactly where the discoloration is and where to apply it.
  2. start where the discoloration is the heaviest and blend up from there. You will use less product, therefore cutting down in cost and also that helps eliminate excessive creasing.
  3. for concealing blemishes, the same rules apply. choose a color that is 1 shade lighter than your foundation and spot treat after the foundation is applied. You can definitely use the same concealer under your eyes and on your blemishes.

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