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Tips for finding and hiring the perfect makeup artist for your wedding.

How do I hire a bridal makeup artist?

Tips, interview questions and advice for hiring a wedding makeup artist.

Tips for finding and hiring a wedding make up artist

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One of the best ways of finding a makeup artist is through word of mouth. A referral from someone you know and trust who has first- hand experience is always a plus as long as your tastes and styles are similar. A second way is through the Wedding Makeup Artist Directory.

The Referral: Questions to Ask

Some good questions to ask the person giving the make-up artist referral are the following:
  • was the bridal make up artist reliable and timely
  • was the artist friendly and accommodating
  • was their kit organized and clean
  • how long did the makeup last during your wedding day
  • did the makeup need to be re-applied and if so, did they instruct you how
....a bridal makeup artist referral is great, but seeing the wedding pictures is the proof. Don.t forget to ask to see the wedding album.

The Interview: Questions to Ask

If you donít have the luxury of a personal referral than here are a few things to consider when hiring a professional makeup artist. These first two suggestions you need to abide by when hiring all your wedding day vendors (not just your makeup artist)
  1. Listen to your instincts when cold calling.
    • Are they personable on the phone?
    • Do you feel comfortable talking to them?
    • Do they ask you questions and are they listening to yours?
  2. Receive a One Time Trial Makeover - Schedule a free makeover. This is the time to get a feel for each other and to figure out what style of makeup compliments your face and captures the essence of your overall appearance.
  3. Do they come to your location? Coming to you on your wedding day, wherever you are Ė your home, the hotel, the temple or church is an enormous time saver and major stress reducer. You wonít have to worry about the weather. You will already be where you need to be. You wonít have the hustle and bustle of driving around from one place to another. You can relax in your rob and step into your dress when you are ready. Itís a convenience you may not want to be without on your wedding day.
  4. Do they use a professional brand & commercial quality products? Professional label cosmetics have a greater percentage of pigment (color) in the product so you can use less but still get better coverage and it last longer.
  5. How is the make up applied? Keep in mind, how it is applied is more important than what is applied. There are a lot of great products on the market. Most importantly, make sure they use waterproof mascara and an eyelash curler. A couple of extras that I have in my kit that Iíve found pleases and brings an added comfort to my clients are face spray ( Mehron Barrier Spray Ė fixer & sealer) and a lip sealer. They help to set the makeup for longer wear. So, it couldnít hurt to ask if they carry that too.
In summary, ask them if they would like to know what you donít like when wearing makeup? I always ask my brides what they donít like so I know what not to do.

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